Youth Comments:
You all, the Spark college people, are just very nice, have stuff in common with each other, and like to talk a lot. That’s a good thing too. You’re just fun to be around.” 

“I don’t really have a label to fit into, a group, but I like to just be my own person.” 

“If I wasn’t in this program, I know that I would be in jail.” 

Student Comments:
 “It’s amazing to me. This whole time the SPARK kids thought we were helping them out, but truth be told, they were helping us out!” 

“I came into it with a lot of baggage. This past year, I had finally come to the conclusion that I needed to get out of my comfort zone in order to become the teacher, writer, and person I wanted to be.” 

“The SPARK program taught me there’s still a lot I need to learn about myself before I can get in a classroom, but I think it got me a lot closer to the real ME. I was starting to think I lost her.” 

“We didn’t tell them what was right and what was wrong, we told them what we did and who we really are. They thought we were some really cool, interesting figures, and we thought that we’re just like them.” 

“I LOVED the vibe in the room. Week after week I went back, I could see the walls that the kids had AND the walls that my fellow SPARK interns had begun to fall.”